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about 400Everybody's got one. Or at least they should have one. And it's probably boring and uninteresting at best. The truth is that nobody really cares what people talk about on their "About  Us" page because you talk about all the wrongs things and probably in boring ways. It's mostly likely the same old drivel they've already seen everywhere else, so why waste time reading yours?  "We started because blah blah blah!" "We're the best ever at whatever". Who cares!! People want to be captured by your words, not put to sleep.

eips2This year we set some aggressive goals. Both as a company and personally as well, we decided to put a stake in the ground for what we intended to accomplish for ourselves. Then we decided that if we met those goals, we would take time out as a company to celebrate and to do that is some special way. I promised our team that Empro would be happy to invest in a weekend away somewhere so we could enjoy our celebration as a team and get away from the usual surroundings. We chose Palm Springs for our fist celebration and set about achieving our stated goals.

The world is a big place. So big in fact that even at the speed of light data can take a noticeable amount of time getting from one side of the planet to the other. And even though that time may only be seconds, as each data transaction between browser and web-server takes place, those seconds add up to a slower and lazier experience. When this laziness gets added together with other traffic between you and the website you are trying to view, the experience can become an intolerable one. If you own a website, this is a reality you probably live with even though you might not be aware of it. This is especially so if your site is hosted on any one of the many cheap plans offered by services such as GoDaddy and their many competitors. You are likely losing visitors because your website is slow. Especially when lots of visitors are looking for you.

It's been nearly 20 years since Empro was founded in Concord California, a suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since that time, we have gone through many changes and iterations. From a straight up web development and marketing company to a software development company to a high-tech startup creating amazing new technologies. Now we've come full circle and returned to the roots we know and love. Empro has always meant "Electronic Media Professionals" and that is who we are.

Creating CMS Websites for Marketing Success on the Web

In 1993, I had my first opportunity to work with HTML. It was something I had been vaguely aware of for a while. Some sort of technology some college student had come up with based on something Apple had been doing. Something about linking documents, except that it worked on the Internet. My exposure came as a result of a quickly apparent uses for those capabilities. Hello??? No Web yet???

Now I am not going to get political here, but Al Gore did NOT invent the Internet. Al Gore helped create the World Wide Web. He championed legislation that literally transformed the Internet into the commercial entity it is today. The World Wide Web runs on the Internet. We do not say the Henry Ford invented the car or transportation. But like Henry's impact on us all, Mr. Gore is to be thanked for his vision, the ability to hear and understand what was being said to him the brains in Silicon Valley at the time, and for seeing the potential impact on our country and the world of having us all interconnected.



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