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Search Engine Visibility

When we think about finding something on the web, we generally search for it using sites like Google Bing, and Yahoo!. For most people, this is the default solution for getting answers quickly. Your visibility on search engines is critical if you intend you get traffic or customers from the web. Good visibility means everything to businesses and individuals whose plan includes Internet visitors.

Being visible on search engines means either being on page one organically or via paid advertising. An organic listing means that your website comes up as part of the search results. Paid advertising means that your ad shows up for the keywords and results you are targeting. Organic listings are generally more trusted by users than paid advertisements. The most successful websites use a combination of both forms of visibility.

Even though Google maintains the lion’s share of all search traffic, all three of them deserve your attention. Each has its own algorithm to decide their own top ten results and each has its own criteria for determining who wins. But they all have one thing in common. That is they all want to present the best and most accurate results for their users. They don’t want Spam and they don’t want scammers getting the stuffed content onto page one.

Empro can help you steer clear of the pitfalls and achieve excellent visibility for your website. We are web marketing experts with 20 years of experience. We don’t play games and we don’t employ tricks that can get your site banned. We use the tried and true methods that actually work and put your site where it belongs, in front of your visitors!

Social Popularity

As each day goes by more of the web is congregating on sites like Facebook and Google+. As those sites along with customer reviews and sharing sites like Yelp and Pinterest become more popular, having a solid presence with them also becomes more important. Following these social trends and staying in line with what’s popular is critical to your success.

For most businesses and individuals, this can be a daunting task. This is one area where a good web marketer like Empro can really help. Not only do these sites help you get more traffic, they also help you get greater visibility on search engines as well. An overall marketing plan includes going after every possible venue. It means generating interest on social sites and driving traffic to your pages. This overall approach is the key to organic listings.

It is not enough to simply put up a site and submit it to Google. A realistic effort involves marketing your site on social sites and local search sites as well.

The Whole Package

Empro has created web marketing plans that address search social and local sites as well as driving traffic to your sites. Marketing plans that will actually produce the results you want. Our team is ready to help you with your business goals. We have the experience and know-how to do a great job for you. We recommend considering the Web Essentials plan for your basic needs or The SEO Club for a more aggressive dedicated approach. And if you need something more then we can accommodate that too! Give us a call or send an email and let us know what kind of success you have in mind and we’ll design a plan to help you achieve it.  

The SEO Club

Search engine optimization is an ongoing endeavor that requires committed efforts on several fronts. Creating good content is not enough. Your content needs to be seen and shared. That visibility is needed to drive traffic to your website. That traffic needs to come and visit and stay on your site long enough to convince search engines that your site matters enough to be on page one.

This ongoing commitment is why we created The SEO Club. Because we know that to accomplish great results really means. The SEO club allows our customers to take advantage of our expertise and have a team of experts dedicated to their SEO goals. We do not hire cheap labor in other countries. We do not employ secret solutions that end up destroying domains and ruining our customer’s investments. We employ real SEO science using actual human thought and planning to accomplish great things.  

Web Essentials

Many SEO companies will promise everything and yet don’t come through with the results you really expect. That is why you should hire a solid SEO company to keep your website ranked well. Our Web Essentials hosting package includes the attention your website needs for good results. If you’re interested in a solid SEO effort for your website and need to achieve results on a budget, then the Web Essentials plan may be the choice for you.

There are many myths about SEO.  The term “SEO experts” has lost any real meaning. Stuffing keywords and buying links is a waste of time and money, and yet this is still what many advertisers offer as “expertise”. But with the right team and the right tools, you can still accomplish amazing things. We serve customers globally with quality search engine marketing and website design.

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