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Best Cloud Services 2019Hey! It's 2019! It's time to check out who's leading in the world of speedy web hosting and to see how you're doing with taking advantage of all that power. If you're still hosting your website GoDaddy or someplace like that, then you're probably not only overpaying, you're also not getting the best website performance you could be. Not that GoDaddy isn't great for some things, like buying domains, for example. But when it comes to hosting and speed value and performance, there are simply better choices.

In this post we will discuss the best choices for webhosting in the cloud. Best choices for speed, for cost and for serving up your sites to the masses. Though we don't endorse and services specifically, we do have our opinions about who delivers the best in each of those categories and who does not. We hope you find this information valuable, and of course, contact Empro if you need help moving your site to the cloud.

blog easier cloudsWhat do you think of when someone says "the cloud"? There are probably thousands of answers to that question. If you're a technologist, then you probably have a pretty good idea that the term is very generic. It can mean many things technically. If you're a marketing person, then you probably see the term as something useful attractive and trendy. Something you can use to help sell your web product or service. But for a website owner, the cloud is really where you want your site to be. In today's world, old fashioned web hosting is not helping you. Your website is likely sitting on an actual computer with disks that have been whirring along for years in a computer that reflects technology several years old. In essence, it's needlessly slow and under-powered. Putting your site on the cloud will not only help your user's experience by delivering your site much faster and more reliably, it will also help your SEO. Search engines love fast websites that are always there.

joomla logoToday Joomla released an important security update affecting all 3.x Joomla versions. If you are using any version 3 installation of Joomla, we recommend that you update your website code immediately.  Be sure to backup your current website in case you run into any unexpected compatibility issues with plug-ins or extensions you might be using on your website. Note: If you are already an Empro customer, your website has already been updated and backed up for you.

Unsafe websites are everywhereFor several years now, content management systems have been on a relentless march towards website dominance. Since the appearance of "free" solutions on the market, vast numbers of website operators have switched to content management systems as the preferred way to create and maintain websites. And there is little to wonder as to why that has happened. Once reserved only for those with big budgets like companies and organizations, open source solutions have brought that power to the masses. Solutions like WordPress Joomla and Drupal have taken over the web world and solutions like Magento have come to dominate small-scale e-commerce sites. But with all this amazing and ostensibly free technology comes a responsibility that most web owners are not prepared for. The responsibility to protect their users by keeping their sites secure and up to date.

the blue storeWe are excited to announce the launch of The Blue Store website. The Blue Store is the one-stop-shopping source for any and all telecommunications and networking needs. This excellent website details the benefits of well-engineered solutions and the often overlooked advantages possible when technology is put to its best use.

Joomla 3.5 release coming soonIn keeping with their published timeline for software development, the Joomla development team is abut to release the latest version of the popular content management system software. Joomla, which holds a second place market share to WordPress, is a CMS geared towards website developers and designers who have plans to take a site beyond a simple blog site. Joomla is a robust and mature software that has an ever growing user base of loyal fans. With this latest upgrade, the Joomla team continues their efforts to make the software a leading content management solution for the web.

What is SEO?

SEO Infograph“Search Engine Optimization is part magic, science and art not unlike the ancient concept of alchemy. Take a product or service and transmute its online image into a golden page-one site. There’s a lot of work behind the scenes to reach that coveted gold standard; no recipe is the same, which is why you need a team equipped with a talented alchemist. Ranking a website consists of many factors including links to the site and how the site is structured, but the key ingredient of user experience is often left out. If a website isn’t user optimized it’s not really optimized for search engines.”

iphoneIt seems like Google's upcoming Accelerated Mobile Pages technology is gaining momentum and acceptance. Due to be rolled out in February, AMP is a boon to mobile users who enjoy interacting with the web on their phones. With this new technology, Google with automatically direct users to AMP compatible pages whenever they are available from a website. With technology in place, mobile users will enjoy a much better experience with their devices, especially under poor connectivity conditions.

about 400Everybody's got one. Or at least they should have one. And it's probably boring and uninteresting at best. The truth is that nobody really cares what people talk about on their "About  Us" page because you talk about all the wrongs things and probably in boring ways. It's mostly likely the same old drivel they've already seen everywhere else, so why waste time reading yours?  "We started because blah blah blah!" "We're the best ever at whatever". Who cares!! People want to be captured by your words, not put to sleep.

penguin 149971 640Google has finally let it be known that the latest penguin update is on its way and should be rolled out by the end of the year. The primary focus of this update will be to create a more real-time responsiveness within the search results. This means that Google will be looking for changes on your site and to the links that point to your site, and see any changes immediately. This is good for many reasons, since it will allow us to see the results of our changes very quickly. It will also mean that webmasters will have to be very careful and considerate with any changes they make for SEO, lest they be discovered by the great Google Spam Monster!

eips2This year we set some aggressive goals. Both as a company and personally as well, we decided to put a stake in the ground for what we intended to accomplish for ourselves. Then we decided that if we met those goals, we would take time out as a company to celebrate and to do that is some special way. I promised our team that Empro would be happy to invest in a weekend away somewhere so we could enjoy our celebration as a team and get away from the usual surroundings. We chose Palm Springs for our fist celebration and set about achieving our stated goals.

google logoJoomla is working with Google to support their AMP initiative. AMP is a platform that will make it easier to access pages from mobile devices, even when the connection is poor. AMP is part of Google's effort to improve the web and improve the web experience for everyone. AMP is being supported by both WordPress and Joomla, two of the best known free CMS platforms avauilable.

It's been nearly 20 years since Empro was founded in Concord California, a suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since that time, we have gone through many changes and iterations. From a straight up web development and marketing company to a software development company to a high-tech startup creating amazing new technologies. Now we've come full circle and returned to the roots we know and love. Empro has always meant "Electronic Media Professionals" and that is who we are.

peeps peek-a-boo phyotographyEven though we really love creating new websites and making our customers look good, at Empro, every once in a while a project comes along that is a lot of fun to do. Creating a brand new website for Peeps Peek-A-Boo Photography is just such a project. Highlighting this Boudoir Photography service here in Las Vegas, the website is sexy and inviting, just like the product offered by them.

The world is a big place. So big in fact that even at the speed of light data can take a noticeable amount of time getting from one side of the planet to the other. And even though that time may only be seconds, as each data transaction between browser and web-server takes place, those seconds add up to a slower and lazier experience. When this laziness gets added together with other traffic between you and the website you are trying to view, the experience can become an intolerable one. If you own a website, this is a reality you probably live with even though you might not be aware of it. This is especially so if your site is hosted on any one of the many cheap plans offered by services such as GoDaddy and their many competitors. You are likely losing visitors because your website is slow. Especially when lots of visitors are looking for you.



You need to enable user registration from User Manager/Options in the backend of Joomla before this module will activate.