Support For Accelerated Mobile Pages Is AMPing Up

It seems like Google’s upcoming Accelerated Mobile Pages technology is gaining momentum and acceptance. Due to be rolled out in February, AMP is a boon to mobile users who enjoy interacting with the web on their phones. With this new technology, Google with automatically direct users to AMP compatible pages whenever they are available from a website. With technology in place, mobile users will enjoy a much better experience with their devices, especially under poor connectivity conditions.

AMP Will Effect Big Sites And Small

For the big players like Pinterest, Facebook and others, AMP means integration with their large scale applications and websites. For the average website owner, implementation of AMP will depend on the platform they are using. For example, users of hosted DIY website solutions will have to wait until their services upgrade their own services to support AMP. Owners if sites built using content managers built on WordPress and Joomla will be able to upgrade their sites as soon as those packages have implemented the technology. Both have already announced support for AMP.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Will Improve Everything On Them

Google has been working with other companies to adpot the AMP approach to deliver mobile content. With mobile making up an ever increasing segment of users and mobile commerce becoming a powerful force, small and large vendors alike stand to benefit great from the open source initiative. AMP HTML is a dirivitive of existing web technologies, but optimized in a way that will deliver content much more efficiently. The efficiancy gains apply across the board, even to media rich content such as animation and videos.

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