Our First Ever Annual Celebration

This year we set some aggressive goals. Both as a company and personally as well, we decided to put a stake in the ground for what we intended to accomplish for ourselves. Then we decided that if we met those goals, we would take time out as a company to celebrate and to do that is some special way. I promised our team that Empro would be happy to invest in a weekend away somewhere so we could enjoy our celebration as a team and get away from the usual surroundings. We chose Palm Springs for our fist celebration and set about achieving our stated goals.

As the deadline approached, it became clear that we would definitely accomplish our goals and we set about reserving our place in Palm Springs. We settled on a cute little vacation rental just a couple miles from the downtown area. In short, it was perfect! We enjoyed the home and the pool and really had a great time getting to know each other a little bit better. One of the things we really enjoyed was playing Cards Against Humanity. Let me tell you that these people and incredibly creative and witty. We were constantly laughing out loud.

Although we really only had one full day there, we made the best of Friday night for sure. The original intention was to drive from Las Vegas to Palm Springs, check into the vacation rental, and then drive to the grocery store to pick up some food to prepare at home. But the trip there turned out to be much longer than the four hours we planned for and by the time we arrived, nobody was in the mood to cook. We decided within minutes that we would spend some time in the swimming pool cooling off and make reservations for dinner somewhere instead of using the barbeque.

Saturday we enjoyed a full day of swimming eating and touring around the town. We really enjoyed Palm Springs, and although it was very hot, we made the best of it. I admit that most of our shopping was really just when we walked into some stores without much intention of buying anything. Mostly that was to find a cool spot. We ate out on the night we arrived at the Blue Coyote Grill, which was very good. Kind of a BBQ/Mexican mix with margaritas that were mostly alcohol with a touch of lemon… perfect!

Next, we plan to set even bigger goals and get ourselves to a celebration in Hawaii! Aloha!!!

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