Why Your About Us Page Is Ineffective

Everybody’s got one. Or at least they should have one. And it’s probably boring and uninteresting at best. The truth is that nobody really cares what people talk about on their “About  Us” page because you talk about all the wrongs things and probably in boring ways. It’s mostly likely the same old drivel they’ve already seen everywhere else, so why waste time reading yours?  “We started because blah blah blah!” “We’re the best ever at whatever”. Who cares!! People want to be captured by your words, not put to sleep.

In many cases a website’s About Us page is the second most important page on the site. After the home page, the About Us page is usually the second place people are likely to visit when exploring a new company or service. That’s why it is so important to make sure your page tells your story in a compelling and interesting way. But that does not mean that everyone needs to accomplish this the same way. The methods vary from site to site and if done well will reflect the personality of the company.

As an example, here is an article that discusses the many ways to create interesting About Us web pages that will convince users to keep ready. They get the message across in interesting and compelling ways that keep visitors engaged. And by the way, engagement if the name of the game now for SEO. Search engines are not only tracking who comes to your website and how many visitors do you have. They’re also tracking how long visitors stay on your pages. This tells them how interesting your site is to visitors, and that equates directly to your rank in searches.

One more thing to consider is this… Don’t stop with just the About Us page. If you want a website that’s compelling and get’s results, you need to be thinking about your whole site. What does it say? How do you say it? Except for you, would anyone be interested in it? The answers may be hard to swallow, but if you’re really in the game to win, you’ll ask them and take action based on what you really see.

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