Think About Updating Frequently Often

The side effects of a recent website makeover by Empro make evidently clear how important it is to keep your website up to date, and how important it is now to keep doing that all the time. If you depend on your website for business, you know how important it is to keep your site ranked well so that you can be found. If you are like the typical client of ours, you know you should pay attention to this, but probably don’t do it as often as you should.

A few months ago, Google rolled out its Caffeine SE model ranking websites. This new model placed much more importance on the currency of content as part of the SEO evaluation. Newer content meant much more than ever before, and frequent content updates also became important. This was in response to the plethora of new and popular social media outlets, as well as the proliferation of blogs, forums and tweets as sources of new content. Google saw that being up-to-date was becoming far more important, so their algorithms now reflect that belief.

After relaunching a recent website, really only with the intention of updating the underlying code, the resultant ranking scores made it quite clear just how important it is to keep content fresh. Within a week of the relaunch, the site shot up in literally every keyword category. Almost across the board the major search engines, the result was the same. The site reflected a massive improvement in results, in some cases even moving up to the top 5 positions from being as low as 20 or more. That is a significant improvement, especially considering there were no outside factors involved. All of this was from the update.

So to summarize. Keep your website fresh. Think about updating frequently often!

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