There Are No Secrets To SEO That Works

It seems like every few months we have to cover, once again, the same old topics and rumors about search engine optimization. And like before, the answers are going to be the same. There are no secrets. There are no special tricks that aren’t widely known and utilized in every category already. And nobody has an inside track to Google. Not even Google people have an inside track to Google.

If you follow SEO and the web, then perhaps you know that Google is now going after content farms. Big Gs goal is always to make sure that what users find at Google is real and relevant content. So this time they will be concentrating on weeding out companies that generate content simply to garner search results on popular topics. This includes everything from actual human-written stories which have little to do with the publisher to automated content farms that simply spit out combinations of words seeded together to look like a story.

If you are the customer of a content creator, it’s time to review your goals and make sure that what you publish is both real and relevant. If your team is dedicated to creating hundreds of blog entries without any real value beyond their simple presence, it’s time to work with someone else. If not, not only is what you publish NOT going to help you. It could potentially hurt your rankings by lowering your status as a trusted content source.

Create real content. Write about things that are related to your web topics. Unless you are a general blog or news organization, it is NOT a good idea to constantly write about popular topics as a way to get more attention for your products and/or services. Be valuable to web visitors and you will be rewarded for it.

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