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In 1993, I had my first opportunity to work with HTML. It was something I had been vaguely aware of for a while. Some sort of technology some college student had come up with based on something Apple had been doing. Something about linking documents, except that it worked on the Internet. My exposure came as a result of a quickly apparent uses for those capabilities. Hello??? No Web yet???

Now I am not going to get political here, but Al Gore did NOT invent the Internet. Al Gore helped create the World Wide Web. He championed legislation that literally transformed the Internet into the commercial entity it is today. The World Wide Web runs on the Internet. We do not say the Henry Ford invented the car or transportation. But like Henry’s impact on us all, Mr. Gore is to be thanked for his vision, the ability to hear and understand what was being said to him the brains in Silicon Valley at the time, and for seeing the potential impact on our country and the world of having us all interconnected.

So it’s been 16 years since that happened. Nearly everything has changed about the Web since then. Websites serve up every kind of content you can think of. They reach into mobile phones and PDAs and televisions too. Websites today need to be connected to a multitude of services in order to be effective for their owners and useful for visitors. When you consider the proliferation of services such as Twitter and Facebook, especially as marketing tools, it is easy to see how a site can get bogged down by being out of date with technology.

For the last 3 years, Empro has concentrated on creating websites based on CMS (content management systems) in order to fulfill the need for our customers to update their own websites more easily. The original idea was the alleviate the costs of having webmasters doing content updates and the inefficiencies of that process. But as the technologies have matured, they have become the central point of focus for keeping content updated as well as staying interconnected with the multitude of marketing opportunities that exist today.

Website Tweet Feats!

Today the typical website not only showcases content, it tracks users, updated Twitter, provides Social Bookmarking tags, has advanced SEO and SEF capabilities, provides RSS feeds, newsletters, video, audio, interconnects with sites like Facebook and MySpace, and provides backlinks management for maintaining a good base of related links to other websites.

Gone are the days when static HTML was king. Sites today are interactive database driven marketing machines. They are like living employees that stay dedicated to their jobs 24 hours a day. Telling your story and communicating back to you with results.

The upside of all this complexity? Cost! Believe it or not, it really costs no more today to create a websites with all these capabilities than it did to create a static HTML site 15 years ago. True, you can get a lot of cheap websites today that you could not get then. But, those are not the websites you want. They are not going to bring the results you need to call your website successful. They are cheap outs for people who are unsure.

Cheap Websites Are Excellent for the Unsure

If you are unsure, getting a cheap website is the best way to manifest what you are afraid of. Or, look at it this way, is a $250 website going to make you a millionaire? Maybe, but not because of the website! Maybe because you happen to be selling something that nobody else in the world has. If that’s you, then go for it! On second thought, if that’s you, call us, we’ll build your site for a cut.

But if you are like most people and simply want to create a workable successful business on the web by providing your products or services in an effective way, a reasonable budget can easily provide you with all the tools you need to help make that success happen.

There are many existing websites built the old way. Many of them are ours. For those customers, we invite you to call us and discuss how to convert your existing site to an interactive CMS website. We have created a method for reworking you content and designs into new technology, and can quickly and easily transform and update your website.

We are experts in Las Vegas Web Marketing and Web Design for companies attracting Las Vegas customers. We also provide Bay Area Web Development services in Concord and Walnut Creek. If you are ready to make the move to Joomla, WordPress or Drupal and Web 2.0, then give us a call! We’re ready to take you there right now, and your competition will truly wonder how you did it!

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